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Onlywell® Sport Athletic Tape

Colors: Black / Green / Yellow / Camouflage / Oem
Specification: 2.5 / 3.8 / 5cm X 9.1 / 10 / 13.7m / Oem
Material: Cotton fabric + hot melt glue
Applications: Sport support / fitness protection

Certificate: EU CE Certified & FDA Registered
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Rigid Sport Tape

1. Rolls are made of 100% cotton fabric,latex-free.

2. Excellent tackiness and conformability.

3. Consistent unwinding to the core.

4. Colorfast dyes will not bleed.

5. Multi color choice sports tape.

6. Athletic sports tape cotton is ideal for areas such as knee, shin splints, shoulders, achilles.

7. Suitable for running, swimming, tennis, soccer, golf and other sports.

Cotton Cloth Rigid Sport Tape Main Feature

100% Cotton Fabric.

Latex free, causes no latex induced allergic reactions.

Easy to hand tear by lengthwise and widthwise.

With Strong and reliable stickiness, it leaves no residue on the skin.

Constant unwinding tension and good tensile strength.

Non elastic, provide maximum compression, apply properly to avoid cutting circulation.

Our major products and services include but not limited to cohesive bandage, kinesiology tape, rigid sport tape and other medical items and so on. Currently our main markets are as follows:

European market such as France, UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy and so on; 

Southeast Asia market such as Japan, Singapore, Philippine, Korea and so on; 

America market such as the USA, Canada, and some South America countries. 

Oceania market such as Australia and New Zealand. 


To add support or restrict range of motion in the muscles and joints of players
To assist in the prevention or healing of sports related injuries
Blisters and sprains
Can also be used on equipment such as baseball bats, tennis request and hockey sticks

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