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Our High Quality Kinesiology Tape Usage

If your injury or illness causes problems with your functional or normal activities, you may benefit from the professional services of a physical therapist to help you return to your previous activity level. Kinesiology tape is a special treatment that involves placing a special tape in a specific direction on your body to help improve your mobility and support your joints, muscles and tendons.

Kinesiology tape is used to support and restrict movement, and used to promote movement and inhibit pain and cramps. It is a soft material that will move when you move; motion tape is relatively inflexible. and helps to improve lymphatic transport and increase circulation. The tight bonding of the sports tape helps reduce blood circulation.

Sports muscle tape is also believed to inhibit pain receptors or pain pathways in muscles, skin, and joint structures. Reducing pain input to the brain is believed to normalize muscle tension, thereby reducing pain and muscle spasms. Kinesio tape is also considered to reposition the joints, it may also be useful for remodeling the original tissue, such as scar tissue management.

There are different theories about how kinesiology tape works. First of all, it is believed to change the proprioceptive input of the sensory nervous system in muscles, joints and skin. This tape is believed to improve the interaction between the skin and the underlying structure, help reset this part of the nervous system's circuits, and thereby improve muscles. Activation and performance.

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