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EU CE Certified Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape, namely sports patch, is mainly developed for the treatment of joint and muscle pain. It is widely used in sports health care and protection. Most of the users are athletes, and the medical community has begun to use it to treat joint diseases. The fitness enthusiasts who do not often exercise but suffer from joint pain can also relieve the pain through the application of intramuscular patch.

Kinesio tape is a kind of elastic ultra-thin breathable tape. It has different width, color and elasticity. It can be cut into different shapes according to needs and pasted on the skin, muscles and joints that need treatment. Compared with traditional plaster or cloth, it greatly reduces skin allergy or maladjustment, and allows the treatment site to move naturally.

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Athletic Tape Is Mainly Used In Two Aspects: 

First, in the recovery period of non exercise, it can recover the muscle, repair the damage caused by excessive contraction or excessive stretching, and play the role of relaxing the muscle, which is called relaxing muscle patch, also known as therapeutic patchAnother situation is to promote muscle contraction or help muscle play its due role during exercise, which is called promoting muscle binding, also known as auxiliary exercise binding.

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What Are the Characteristics of Muscle tape Compared with Traditional Sports Tapes?

① The muscle patch has high elasticity (it can achieve a stretching range of more than 60% of the original length). Its biggest advantage lies in this. It can not only be suitable for muscle movement, but also will not limit the normal range of motion of body joints.

② The muscle tape has strong viscosity. The specially treated hospital acrylic glue is mostly used for the muscle paste, which has strong adhesion ability, so it can ensure the stress and shear between the muscle paste and the skin, achieve high stability and mechanical stimulation to the epidermis, and make the epidermis feel.

③ The physio tape has good air permeability. Different from the traditional adhesive cloth, the elastic cotton cloth with mesh is mostly used as the base material and equipped with special adhesive, so as to ensure that the skin can be in contact with the air during the long-term adhesive process.

④ Muscle paste products are mostly treated with waterproof and sweat proof treatment to ensure that the pasting effect will not be affected when sweating. You can also take a bath after pasting. Some products are quick drying type, which will soon become dry after sweating.

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